hi! i'm luca noël, a -years-old it-specialist from germany, deeply immersed in the world of technology since my earliest memories.

since 2020, i have been working as an it-allrounder, for the lack of a better term. my work ranges from managing on-site hardware and offering peer support, to orchestrating a cloud-first infrastructure including client management and domain administration. incorporating new technologies and managing saas-environments of customers are part of my everyday adventures.

over the years, more and more programming languages have entered my dictionary. my favorites: python, bash, powershell, java, and c#. this skill set not only aids me in my professional endeavors but also fuels my personal passion for developing and scripting. beyond coding, I have a flair for digital design, crafting everything from logos to full websites.

beyond the professional sphere, i'm an avid open-source and gnu/linux enthusiast. gaming is my escape to other worlds, while my hobby in photography keeps me grounded, with all sorts of music following me through my day.